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Most frequent questions and answers

Do I need a prescription?

Yes and No. Yes if you alrerady have one and No if you are aware of the risks involved and still wish to purchase the medication. We only serve to satisfy our clients with/without prescription.

Is It Legal?

As we ship worldwide, we can not have knowledge of the laws and regulations in strengths for each country. So we advise you to study the legislation currently in place in your country. However, in order to respect the discretion to which you are entitled, we ship packages in a very discreet neutral cardboard packaging, which does not reveal in any way the content of the shipment. On the packaging, you will only find the address that you have provided us. No picture or indication that might reveal the contents of the package will be present.

How To Be Sure Your Products Are “Real”

All products we sell are genuine, coming from recognized laboratories and bearing directly verifiable authentication information from our website or even on the websites of different manufacturers. We also perform monthly random testing with an independent laboratory on our products catalog in order to guarantee product quality, whatever the reputation of the mark is.

Which drug is a narcotic analgesic?

Narcotic or opioid analgesics are pain relievers. Most are made from codeine or synthetic codeine with either acetaminophen or aspirin to provide more effective pain relief. Some common brand names are: Percocet®, oxycodone, oxycontin, Tylenol® with codeine, Tylox®, and Lortab®.

What are narcotics and their effects?

Signs, Symptoms, and Side Effects of Narcotics Abuse. Narcotics, also known as opiates and opioid analgesics, are prescribed to relieve acute pain. … They are widely overused and are associated with over two million cases of substance abuse that have resulted in overdoses.

Which medications are non opioid analgesics?

Non-opioid analgesics include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), selective COX-2 inhibitors, and acetaminophen.

What is an analgesic used for?

The opioid analgesics can be used for either short-term or long-term relief of severe pain. In contrast, the anti-inflammatory compounds are used for short-term pain relief and for modest pain, such as that of headache, muscle strain, bruising, or arthritis.

What are non narcotic analgesics?

What are non narcotic analgesics?
Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) [aspirin, Excedrin, Bufferin, Celebrex, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, Motrin IB, Buprin), naproxen, Vioxx and many others. A type of non-narcotic analgesic, NSAIDs are used to reduce inflammation but are not related to steroids, which also reduce inflammation.

What is an analgesic used for?

The opioid analgesics can be used for either short-term or long-term relief of severe pain. In contrast, the anti-inflammatory compounds are used for short-term pain relief and for modest pain, such as that of headache, muscle strain, bruising, or arthritis.

What is a sedative used for?

Doses of sedatives such as benzodiazepines, when used as a hypnotic to induce sleep, tend to be higher than amounts used to relieve anxiety, whereas only low doses are needed to provide a peaceful effect.

What is an example of a sedative?

Some examples of benzodiazepines include Xanax (alprazolam), Valium (diazepam), Ativan (lorazepam), Librium (chlordiazepoxide), Halcion (triazolam), Serax (oxazepam), and Klonopin (clonazepam). Rohypnol (flunitrazepam) is a short-acting benzodiazepine that is 10 times stronger than Valium.

What is the best sedative?

Benzodiazepine sedatives such as triazolam (Halcion), estazolam, lorazepam (Ativan), temazepam (Restoril), flurazepam, and quazepam (Doral) and non-benzodiazepine sedatives such as zolpidem (Ambien, Intermezzo), eszopiclone (Lunesta), and zaleplon (Sonata) are drugs that can help induce sleep.

What Is The Difference Between 1 CC, 1 ML, 1 UI, 1 MG AND 1 MCG ?
• 1 cc (cubic centimeter) is equal to 1 ml (milliliter), it measures the volume. For example if a bottle contains 10 ml of liquid, this corresponds to 10cc.
• 1 mg (milligram) is equal to one thousandth of a gram, it measures the dose of a drug.
• 1 mcg (microgram) is equal to 1/1000 of a milligram.
1 International Unit (IU) is also used to measure the dose of a preparation for the hormones for example.

What is the most common pain killer?
he most commonly abused opioid painkillers include oxycodone, hydrocodone, meperidine, hydromorphone and propoxyphene.

What is the strongest pain killer?
Codeine is only about 1/10th as powerful as morphine. Opioids more powerful than morphine include hydromorphone (Dilaudid) and oxymorphone (Opana). But the strongest opioid in community use is fentanyl which, in its intravenous form, is 70 to 100 times more potent than morphine.

Is Tramadol stronger than codeine?
Tramadol (Ultram) and codeine are both opiates and narcotics prescribed for moderate pain. … Tramadol, on the other hand, is synthetic, though it is similar to codeine. Both these drugs are less potent that other opiates, which means their potential for addiction and withdrawal are lower.

HowTo Order?
You add the desired products to your cart, the payment method you want to use and you submit.
You then proceed to the payment of the order with the selected payment method and you fill out the form to inform us of the payment.
Is There A Minmum Order?
No, there is no minimum order on our website.
Where Do You Deliver Your Products?
We ship our products from Asia and Europe, and other parts of the world.
We have chosen to move closer to major steroids, HGH and peptides manufacturers in order to have quality products.
What Are Your Payment Methods?
You can pay by:
Credit card via Moneygram or Western Union online
money transfer at a Moneygram or Western Union agency
Bitcoin virtual currency
If you are interested in any type of payment method and you do not know how it works, let us know. We will send you instructions.

Can I Pay By Credit Card?
As earlier mentioned you can pay via credit card by using moneygram or Western Union Online services as well as by Buying bitcoins online.
Contact us for more details on how to pay using Credit Crads
Do You Deliver To All Countries?
Yes we ship to all countries worldwide with very few exceptons which may be due to inaccesibility of which there will be extra costs for delivery
Is There Any Risk Of Seizure?
Yes ; the risk is minimal but it exists. Global statistics rotate between 5% and 10%, depending on your country. But with our insurance, you do not have to worry! ( See Terms of Sale)
Is My Order Guaranteed?
We are the only site to offer an independent insurance option for your order. This insurance allows you to be protected against breakage, loss and seizures. 80% of our customers take this option, be like them, order with confidence!
Why Is My Order Late
During certain times of the year such as the year-end holidays, we have huge order flows. Furthermore, the transport services are overloaded.
On the other hand, other periods we undergo customs controls pressure that does not allow us to send our products for a few days under penalty of not being able to guarantee delivery.

Do I Have A Tracking Number For My Order?
Of course, all our shipments are accompanied by a tracking number that will enable you to track the delivery of your package.
What About Delays?
There are few occassions when delivery is delayed due to Postal Services procedures. However in those occasions delivery might take a little longer. Above date is just an estimate, we can’t guarantee delivery time. It sometimes happens that shipment is delayed for various reasons even up to 2-3 weeks from estimated arrival date.
Keep in mind that there are a couple of possible situations that can occur with your order to cause possible delivery delays. An international shipment normally passes through the local and national postal service in the country of origin, then exportation, as well as shipment transfer through ports of exit, transit to destination country with international postal service, importation in destination country (customs clearance), and finally the local and national postal service in the destination country.

My Order Has Been Sent? Where Can I Check The Status Of My Order?
We send automatic emails to our customers whenever the status of your order has been changed. If you are not receiving emails from us please look at your spam box. If you are unsure of the status of your order please contact our customer service

How Can I Get The Discount?
Our products are already reduced on our site. Best prices. Free shipping, 10-20% off the quantity or additional free products can be offered for any order over $700 . For more information and special requests send an email to our customer service.

Where Is My Tracking Number? When I Received My Tracking Number.
Our company send the tracking numbers for every delivery. We send orders in large quantities, which is why administration on a post office is slower than normal. We can not influence. But you must not be worried. Your order will be sent always when the state of your order says “Shipped” .Orders over $700 have a special status and we can place a request for faster processing at our post office.

Have You Received My Payment? How Long Will It Take?
You always receive email with the confirmation of your payment. Otherwise, we are still waiting for your payment.

Can I Pay Cash On Delivery?
No, we do not accept cash on delivery.

What Is The Delivery Time?
Delivery time is 5 – 15 working days.

Do You Need My Transaction Proof?
Yes, always continue a photo of your transaction. To ensure send it to our customer service as soon as possible.

I Did Not Receive My Order. What I Need To Do.? (What is your reissue policy?)
If the delivery time exceeds 15 business days and you have not received your order, please send your request to our customer service and ask for the tracking number.
If your order has been seized by customs and you receive the letter from the authority, your order will be returned free of charge. Proof of seizure send us as soon as possible
If your order will be lost, stolen, send it back to us by mail or become another unexpected situations then we are able to return your order for half the price. This only happens if the delivery time
exceeds 30 business days and you have no information where your order is. Please ask our customer service for more details.

I Have Not Received The Full Order. I Received Another Brand Or Product.
Do not have to be worried. Sometimes it happens that we send orders in two packages separately. We send orders separately in two days after the first order, as this will reduce the chance that the customs seized the package. larger orders are sent separately automatically. The second reason is that we are waiting for new prodcuts. You always receive the complete order!

Can I Pay With PayPal?
Option Sorry but PayPal is not available. It is not the payment method suitable for this type of E-shop.

Is The Package Discreet?
We send orders only as cosmetics company. They look serious and discreet. That’s why we do not have a problem with customs.

How Can I Cancel My Order?
Simply send an email to our on-demand customer service – Delete my order + “your order number”.

Do You Have A Problem With Delivery To My Country?
We do not have any problem with worldwide delivery (America’s, Europe, Australia Asia, Africa)

Do You Ship To PO Boxes?
Yes, we are shipping to PO Boxes

What Products Do You Sell?
You can buy branded and generic medicines. Brand products include in its name the word ‘Brand’.

Generic Drugs, Are They As Good As Brand Names?
Generic drugs are copies of brand-name drugs that have exactly the same dosage, intended use, effects, side effects, route of administration, safety and strength as the original drug. In other words, their pharmacological effects are exactly the same as those of their brand-name counterparts.
Another common misbelief is that generic drugs take longer to work. The FDA requires that generic drugs work as fast and effectively as the original brand-name products. The difference between a brand name medication and a generic is in the name, shape and price. A generic drug is usually called by the name of the active ingredient while a manufacturer uses a brand name. However, a manufacturer cannot possess a patent for a certain chemical agent, this is why manufacturers of generic medications can legally produce the so-called generics.

Are The generic Pills sold Here FDA Approved?
All generic pills are FDA approved . Thus all products presented on this site are FDA approved.

Why Do People Prefer Generics?
the manufacturers of brand-name drugs invest large amount of money to advertise and persuade you to buy their product;
generic manufacturers spend less on advertising and product development;
generic versions of the same medication create competition, which can drive prices.

What Is The Difference Between Soft And Regular Tabs?
The difference is in the speed of action (Soft tabs act faster than the Regular ones) and in the zone of absorption.
Soft tabs dissolve under the tongue that allows you to take alcohol or eat fatty foods, but when taking regular tabs drinking is strongly not recommended.

How Can I Be Sure That It Is Secure To Assign My Credit Card Information To Your Site?
The protection of card details is the question of major importance when dealing with electronic transactions. That is why we pay much attention to privacy and security of our customers.
Be assured that our online order system makes use of the latest security encryption technology to ensure that your credit card information is submitted safely and with the highest level of protection. All our computer systems undergo regular security checks to ensure that our ordering system is properly protected.

What Shipping Methods Do You USe?
Currently we offer you two shipping methods:
Airmail (for USA customers it is called US Postal Service) with the usual Airmail’s waiting period 2-3 weeks (the package may be also delivered earlier);
EMS Courier Delivery’s waiting period lasts 3-8 business days. Unfortunately, the Courier Delivery can take a little longer because of the delay at customs which doesn’t depend on our delivery service. That’s why we can’t guarantee, that you will receive it within 3-8 business days.

What Should I Do If The Package Is Damaged Or Something Is Missing?
In this case you are to contact our customers care department and notify of the problem. We will either resend the package free of charge or refund your payment. Insurance is meant to cover all damaged or missing packages.

What Is The Shelf Life Of The Pills?
The expiry date is mentioned on each blister. It is different for different batches. The shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture and would differ from batch to batch depending on when they were manufactured.

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